Following the conclusion of the examination stage, which was marked by the publication by Herefordshire Council of the Delegated decision document, the referendum for voters within the Luston Group neighbourhood area will be held on a date to be confirmed.

The Luston Group Neighbourhood Development Plan is being amended to be in line with the recommendations in the examiner’s report and requirements of the decision document.  The Referendum documents will be available by the end of October 2017, on the neighbourhood development plan section of this website (About the NDP) and on Herefordshire Council’s website (Luston Group Neighbourhood Development Plan).

At the next meeting on Monday 2 October 2017, Luston Group Parish Council will review the Luston Group Neighbourhood Development Plan and updated policies maps for Eyton village and Luston village, which have all been amended to be in line with Herefordshire Council’s Delegated Decision Statement.