The group parish council asks that landowners take note of the information on ditch and drainage responsibilities highlighted by Herefordshire Council – Ditches and Drainage – Guidance on Your Responsibilities

“Ditches and drains need to be maintained to reduce the risk of flooding and to maintain the condition of highways by keeping them clear of excess water. Poor drainage damages roads and creates hazards for road users and local residents. Good drainage will reduce maintenance and costs for all.

“The owner of land or property that adjoins a watercourse, such as a roadside ditch, is known as the riparian owner. Although the Highways Authority is responsible for the highway, it does not own the ‘sub-soil’ of the highway. The owner of the land or property adjoining the highway is normally the sole riparian owner.”

NB. Mainline Pipelines Ltd requires notification of the intention to carry out any work within 50 metres of the pipeline. It is recommended that formal buried services searches are done by using the website. This service is free to use. The pipeline operator and numerous other utility services are then alerted and able to make an appropriate response, especially critical when that work will be within the pipeline easement. Mainline Pipelines Ltd can also be contacted via their agents Fisher German by telephoning the freephone number 0800 756 0804 or by emailing

The pipeline operator is responsible for clearly marking the detailed route of the pipe (a free service) and to specify any constraints on the proposed methods of working. All works require prior approval except certain routine agricultural operations: however fencing, ditching and drainage operations must be notified. This is not an exhaustive list of works, please contact Mainline Pipelines Ltd.

This does not just apply to ditching or drainage but also to street furniture, stiles, footpath markers etc.