Independent Examiner appointed in March 2017

Following the Regulation 16 public consultation carried out by Herefordshire Council, the draft of our Neighbourhood Development Plan has been recommended for examination.  

On 6 March 2017, Luston Group Parish Council selected a preferred examiner from a short list of three provided by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.  The examiner was subsequently appointed by Herefordshire Council and has commenced the examination.

If the examiner recommends the neighbourhood development plan for referendum, Herefordshire Council will then review any modifications that may be recommended in the examiners report.  Herefordshire Council will do this within five weeks.

If Herefordshire Council accepts the modifications that may be recommended by the examiner, then the neighbourhood development plan will go forward for referendum.  There are up to 56 days to hold the referendum following a decision by Herefordshire Council to recommend the neighbourhood plan for referendum.  

Updates on the process will be provided via the website News section.

Luston Group Parish Council